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Meet Dr. Mena

Let’s start by letting you know a little bit about me. I was born and raised in Honduras; it’s where, I met my wife Kathy. We have been blessed with 3 wonderful daughters: Daniela,Marcella and Isabella (these last two are twins!), and very supportive extended family that still resides in Honduras ( parents, siblings, nieces and nephews).  


     I am a third generation physician; my grandfather was a town doctor starting in the 1920’s, and my father is a practicing OBGYN in my home town of San Pedro Sula. My father, is also the Dean of the Medical School campus of the Universidad Católica de Honduras. It was my father's decision to allow me to witness one of his C-sections when I was six years old which cemented my desire to become a doctor.

/////In 1989, I joined the medical school at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, which at the time was the only one in the country. It is one of the most prestigious medical schools in Central America, due to its focus on the clinical aspects of medicine, and the intense rotations with hands-on training. In addition to knowledge, it instilled in me a sense of pride, social obligation, and respect for all. I graduated from this institution in 1996.

///////I held three different jobs  until in 1997 while I studied and passed the United States Medical Licensing Exams, and was accepted at the Internal Medicine Program of the NY Medical College Metropolitan Hospital Campus. My time there was filled with wonderful camaraderie, friendships, and sleepless nights. During one of my rotations, one of my cases was accepted and presented at the NY ACP  Annual Meeting.

     After finishing residency in June 2001, we moved to Roanoke Rapids, NC. Here, I worked as an employee of the outstanding non-profit: Rural Health Group. We spent six years there, where I learned about the American health system and created friendships that are strong, even today. As our children grew older and their needs changed we decided to move to Florida in 2007.


      After visiting several places, we found Tampa. I fell in love with the town immediately after a grand tour by my friend, Pablo Caceres. My first job was in St. Petersburg, however, the commute from Tampa to St. Petersburg was far too long; so in 2010, with the help of my incredibly supportive wife, I opened my own office in South Tampa. This was the culmination of a dream to provide modern healthcare the old fashioned way. The community embraced our efforts and the office became very successful and busy with services offered as both in and outpatient, skilled nursing facilities and on selected cases at peoples home.

I cannot emphasize enough the support of friends and fellow parishioners at Christ the King and St Lawrence during all this time.  


Now in 2017 I have affiliated with MDVIP to provide more in depth medical services in primary care. This will allow me the opportunity to offer even better and more personalized care to my patients. 

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