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What is "eVisit"?

          eVisit is a telecommunication driven solution for a quick and easy consultation, diagnosis, and care management through a web-based communications network that provides video conferencing with your doctor. To better understand how you could benefit from eVisit watch the video below:

Create your eVisit account today and do your next appointment online!

Here’s how to get started on a desktop or laptop:


  1. Download and utilize either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to receive treatment via eVisit.

  2. Go to the web address:  

  3. Create an account with your preferred email address and password.

  4. Fill out your personal information along with any other required information.

  5. Request your eVisit with Dr. Mena based on his availability and click the “Start Visit” button.

  6. See and chat with your provider through a 100% HIPAA compliant video to receive quick and easy treatment.

eVisit Consent
eVisit FAQs

What you need:

  • Camera connected to the computer

  • Microphone connected to the computer

  • Working speakers


  • Smartphone with a working speaker and video function 

What kinds of problems can we address with eVisit?

  • We can address a variety of problems through eVisit, some of which include, but are not limited to:

    • Respiratory infections

    • Medication change follow up

    • Rashes

    • Conjunctivitis

    • Headaches.



Patients need to check with their plan to see whether they will be covered or not.


If patient is paying their eVisit with cash, it will be flat $50.

Are your ready to schedule your eVisit?

          Once you've read all necessary information, and decided that eVisit is right for you, click on the link below to schedule your eVisit with Dr. Mena.

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